About Me

About Me

Welcome to the Floral House

Floral House is one of the most reputable wedding florists in Bristol. Run by Kate, an independent florist who has spent more than 20 years in the business and specializes in creating extraordinarily beautiful, elegant, and ornate wedding floral designs.

With decades of experience at her fingertips, Kate has become quite the expert on floral decorations. Whatever design you seek, be it something romantic, chic and contemporary, vintage or something classic and traditional, Kate can do it all with flair. Got something different in mind? That will be just fine! With a thirst to constantly push the boundaries of her craft, Kate is happy to work with or develop new designs she has never attempted before.

Kate’s story

Kate’s floral dream began when she was a little girl. Her mum presented her with a tiny patch of land at the back of their garden. There, she was allowed to grow her own beautiful plants and flowers. Her brother was given a similar patch, and the siblings often had contests between them, including one to see who could grow the tallest sunflowers. Though to hear her tell it, the poor lad was quite soundly outmatched by Kate’s green fingers!

As her passion grew over the years; she entered several local flower arranging competitions gaining several firsts. The thrill of floral arrangement and designs never dimmed in Kate. She knew from the start that she was destined to become a professional florist. Soon, she started working at the local florist shops to learn more about her newly adopted trade.

Now in her element, she learnt fast and learnt plenty, acquiring a treasure-trove of knowledge in floral decorations and arrangements of every kind. She enjoyed every minute and continued to nurtured her passion for flowers. In 1991, she earned her first qualification, officially making her a professional florist.

Since then, Kate has worked with more clients than she can remember, but every occasion has been special to her. She works from her modest workshop in Stoke Gifford, where she grows foliage for use in her designs which include Alchemilla mollis, ivy, rosemary, and some flowering plants like lavender and hydrangeas.

Always preferring to be fully ‘hands on’ Kate handles the entire process herself, from the initial consultation to placing flower orders, handcrafting designs, and final deliveries. She is an expert in decorating wedding venues, bouquets, and has serviced several kinds of events. A firm believer in quality over quantity, Kate uses only the finest of blooms and never compromises on value.

Kate loves to meet couples in person to discuss ideas for their wedding. She offers a free consultation to the happy couple so she can hear their ideas and share her plans. She truly wants every couple to experience the magic of flowers, so stop by Floral House and step into Kate’s magical world of floral design.

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